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Be a ucf inclusion CHAMPION

The UCF Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) offers the Inclusion Champion program to provide colleges, divisions, and departments with training and education designed to explore foundational concepts in diversity and inclusion. Participants will gain a common body of knowledge and skills to contribute to an inclusive learning and professional environment at UCF.

The program consists of 3 core workshops required for all participants, plus a minimum of six hours of training on elective topics selected to meet the particular needs of a group or interests of the individual. ODI offers multiple elective options each semester. Participants (faculty, staff and students) can pursue certification individually or as part of a departmental effort, and can complete the program over a three-year period or less.

Have you completed the requirements for the Inclusion Champion program?

Fill out this short questionnaire to let us know! After we verify your training records, you will receive a certificate and pin!