Course Descriptions

The UCF Office of Diversity and Inclusion Training Program is one of the most prolific in higher education. You can pursue certificates and training individually or as a departmental effort to improve performance and our learning and work environments.


  • Six-year training impact:  34,546 participants
  • Total participants last academic year – 7,996
  • Total UCF Inclusion Champions – 326

Workshop Schedule

Please see this semester’s Unity Star for the Spring 2021 workshop and presentation schedule. For detailed descriptions of the diversity workshops offered, click on the course titles below. All workshops are free unless otherwise noted. Please note that locations vary. Other opportunities for diversity workshops may be scheduled by calling the UCF Office of Diversity and Inclusion at (407) 823-6479 or by emailing


Registration Instructions

  • Faculty, A&P, and USPS: Register online at > Employee Self Service > Learning & Development > Request Training Enrollment
  • Students and OPS: Email your name, requested course name and date, and UCFID number to


Be a UCF Inclusion Champion

The UCF Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) offers the Inclusion Champion program to provide colleges, divisions, and departments with training and education designed to explore foundational concepts in diversity and inclusion. Participants will gain a common body of knowledge and skills to contribute to an inclusive learning and professional environment at UCF.


The program consists of nine hours of core workshops required for all participants, plus a minimum of six hours of training on elective topics selected to meet the particular needs of a group or interests of the individual. ODI offers multiple elective options each semester. Participants (faculty, staff and students) can pursue certification individually or as part of a departmental effort, and can complete the program over a three-year period or less.


Have you completed the requirements for the Inclusion Champion program? Fill out a short questionnaire to let us know! After we verify your training records, you will receive a certificate and pin!

Submit verification questionnaire here Submit verification questionnaire here

UCF Certificates

ODI offers several certificate options for faculty, staff and students:

  • Inclusion Champion: complete 9 hours of core workshops and 6 hours of elective topics
  • Diversity Certificate Series: complete all four Diversity Certificate modules
  • Continuum of Learning Certificate: complete four elective or stand-alone DIV workshops not in a series or towards another certificate program
  • Latino Americans Certificate: complete all three Latino Americans modules exploring the history of Latino Americans from 1565 – 2000
  • Half the Sky Certificate Series: complete the two-part series based on the book and documentary
  • The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow Certificate Series: complete the four-part comprehensive workshop series looking at race relations in the United States between the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement
  • We Shall Remain Certificate Series: complete the five-part/three session workshop series exploring the history of Native Americans and their resilience


Please note: students must keep track of the DIV workshops they have attended and verify their training history with us in order to receive any completion certificates

Course Descriptions Log

Read about the variety of diversity workshops that have been offered over the years.


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