Online Workshops

Performance Standards for UCF’s Cultural Competencies


The following are the links for each learning object in the workshop, Performance Standards for UCF’s Cultural Competencies:



Each link will take you directly to the UCF OBOJOBO system. You will log into the OBOJOBO system using your UCF PID and Password.


You will immediately see the Overview, the start of the learning object. It will take you approximately 20 minutes to read the Content section and answer the questions. The time required also depends on your reading speed. Make sure to read the Content thoroughly as the questions in the Practice and Assessment sections are directly from this material.

The Practice questions are just that, practice and review. After answering each question in this section, you will know which option is the correct answer.


The Assessment section evaluates what you have retained, and while they are the same questions posed in the Practice section, they are in random order.


To maximize your score on the Assessment, you may take it up to three times.


Your information will be stored in the OBOJOBO system. This information includes your name, the date and time you completed each learning object, and your score(s).


After completing all three learning objects, have achieved a score of 75% or higher, and if you are interested in receiving credit in your Training Summary, please contact ODI at (407) 823-6479, or e-mail with your name and PID.