Odyssey Ambassadors

Odyssey Ambassadors

Office of Diversity and Inclusion student advisory board that allows students to discuss and provide recommendations on diversity and inclusion topics and how to enrich the student-learning environment across UCF. Perspective students will meet to discuss their experiences as UCF students and discuss issues of concern of their peers. Odyssey Ambassadors will have opportunity to enhance their leadership competencies, explore various facets of diversity, exhibit knowledge of diversity and inclusion as ambassadors for ODI, and serve as mentors for the “UCF Young Knights Mentoring Program.” The students will also be trained to facilitate courageous conversations around equity, inclusion, and diversity.


*   2.75 GPA
*   Year-long program (until you graduate)
*   Sophomore Standing
*   Mandatory Bi-weekly Meetings on Wednesday at 4:30pm -6:30pm
(Understanding student schedules may cause conflict, please try to keep this time frame free from other commitments.)
Ambassador Opportunities:

*   Chair
*   Vice Chair
*   Marketing Coordinator
*   Social Events Coordinator
*   Service Events Coordinator
*   Outreach Coordinator
*   Mentorship Liaison

If you meet the requirements and would like to apply to become an Odyssey Ambassador with ODI please click Here

or using your smartphone you may scan the QR code below.