The UCF Office of Diversity and Inclusion invite students, faculty and staff to a webinar produced by PaperClip Communications*. The webinar topic will be introduced by Dr. Yovanna Pineda, UCF associate professor of history, and she will facilitate a discussion at the conclusion of the webinar.

“Move Beyond Civility: How to Facilitate Difficult Dialogues in the Classroom”

Tuesday, September 27, 2016
2 to 3:30 p.m.
Teaching Academy Room 117

“This has been a particularly difficult year as students continue to challenge faculty and administrators to hear their concerns, engage in difficult conversation and make meaningful change on campus. In this webinar, participants will learn how to help faculty members better navigate difficult dialogues and conflict in the classroom. Many faculty members are experiencing a significant increase in both frequency and intensity of difficult dialogues in the classroom. The ability to engage students and facilitate meaningful dialogue in these moments not only further learning, but also impact student success. Mismanaged conversations often result in unresolved issues, misunderstanding and simmering conflict that undermine learning outcomes and campus-wide goals to create inclusive campus environments.”

Participation Outcomes

  • Tools to create an inclusive classroom from the start and negotiate working agreements that set the stage for meaningful dialogue
  • How to recognize when a classroom discussion becomes “difficult” for students and/or themselves – get tools and approaches to de-escalate triggered reactions and promote engaged conversation
  • Criteria to decide whether to engage in difficult conversations in the moment or table for a future setting
  • Techniques to revisit classroom situations that did not further learning or group development to ensure everyone can learn how to do better the next time


Dr. Yovanna Pineda’s research interests center on how global economic development impacts local communities and how these communities influence global institutions. Her current book project “Harvesting Innovation: Agricultural Science, Technology, and Memory” examines the social and cultural effects of technological innovation in farming communities of the fertile Pampas region of Argentina from 1860 to 1940. She teaches courses on Latin American history, the Atlantic World and the history of science.


For questions, please contact the UCF Office of Diversity and Inclusion by emailing or calling (407) 823-6479.

*PaperClip Communications specializes in serving the needs of educators around the world and offers higher education sessions on a broad range of topics, including student life and diversity issues.