HSI Certification

Dr. Cyndia M. Muñiz, Director of HSI Culture and Partnerships, is Signature Authority for Hispanic/Minority Serving Institution Certification Forms and Verification Letters.


Beginning March 1, 2019 – investigators applying for sponsored projects are required to submit HSI/MSI certification/verification requests to HSI@ucf.edu at least five (5) business days prior to when they are due to the Office of Research.


When requesting a signature on a certification form or an eligibility verification letter, please submit (1) the eligibility wording (as written in grant competition announcement) and (2) a signed Serving Statement.


College Research Coordinators should not provide any HSI certification to faculty without first contacting Dr. Muñiz for eligibility review and determination of what documentation is most appropriate for the submission.


In the event that Dr. Muñiz is unavailable for an extended period of time (as determined by away message), Dr. Jennifer Shambrook in the Office of Research will serve as the backup signatory.