Defining HSI

UCF’s large concentration (26.3%) of Hispanic/Latino students provides the basis for UCF to self-identify as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). A Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) is a type of Minority Serving Institution (MSI).


Minority Serving Institutions (MSIs) are institutions of higher education that serve high concentrations of minority students who, historically, have been underrepresented in higher education. MSIs tend to have relatively low educational and general expenditures and high enrollments of needy students.


Minority Serving Institutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian-Serving Institutions
  • Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions
  • Hispanic-Serving Institutions
  • Historically Black Colleges & Universities
  • Native American Serving Nontribal Institutions
  • Predominantly Black Institutions
  • Tribal Colleges


A Minority Institution (MI) is defined as an institution of higher education whose enrollment of a single ethnic minority or a combination of ethnic minorities exceeds 50 percent of the total enrollment. As of fall 2018, UCF’s minority student population stands at 47.3% – Thus, UCF is not yet a Minority Institution.



Department of Education Funding

Funding Opportunities

The Hispanic-Serving Institutions Division of the Department of Education manages three grant programs:

  1. Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions (DHSI) – Title V, Part A
  2. Promoting Post-baccalaureate Opportunities for Hispanic Americans (PPOHA) – Title V, Part B
  3. Hispanic-Serving Institutions Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics and Articulation (HSI STEM) – Title III, Part F



The Department of Education published their list of eligible institutions on January 29, 2019 – UCF is listed as an eligible institution for FY 2019.

Funding Eligibility

Eligibility for the Developing HSIs program has three main components that institutions must meet in order to compete for federal funds:

  1. Enroll a high concentration of Latino undergraduate students
  2. Enroll a high concentration of needy (low-income) students
  3. Have low educational and general expenditures (core expenses)


Learn more about where UCF stands.


Workshop: Hispanic Serving Institution Funding: Emphasis on SERVING

This session will provide an overview of the grant opportunities that UCF is now eligible to apply for through the Department of Education in 2019.

In addition to submission logistics, we will discuss the SERVING aspect of being a federally recognized Hispanic/Minority Serving Institution and describe the design principles that guide this work. Attendees will also have the opportunity to share their ideas for potential institution-wide projects.

Learn More Learn More

Additional Funding Opportunities

Funding for MSIs is channeled through numerous federal agencies, and several of these funding sources are available to MSIs through grant programs authorized under the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (HEA; P.L. 89-329).

UCF’s Office of Research will help identify funding opportunities available by federal agencies.

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HSI Funder Tool Kit HERE.

The UCF Foundation will help identify private funding channels that support HSI related projects.

For more information, contact LORI.SHUFF@UCF.EDU.