HSI - Serving the Hispanic/Latino Community

As of Spring 2017, UCF is an emerging Hispanic Serving Institution.

ODI is leading the way to federal designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution. As the Hispanic/Latinx student population continues to grow rapidly, ODI will help support all campus partners in fostering an inclusive HSI campus culture.


  • December 2017, UCF hires Dr. Cyndia Muniz as Assistant Director for Hispanic Initiatives in the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. January 31, 2018, UCF hosts the HSI Forum and launches a outreach/listening tour to gather opinion and facts to inform its efforts in this field.
  • The UCF HSI Task Force is working to identify opportunities that can help enhance the experience of students, faculty and staff.
  • HSI Consultations are available to all academic colleges and departments to assist with planning and implementation of Hispanic serving initiatives.
  • ODI also provides cultural education through its Latino Americans documentary series and Hispanic Heritage Month programming.


For more information, please contact: Dr. Cyndia Muñiz, Assistant Director for Hispanic Initiatives, (407) 823-0524 or cyndia.muniz@ucf.edu.


What is a Hispanic Serving Institution?

A Hispanic-serving institution, or HSI, is an institution participating in a federal program designed to assist colleges or universities in the United States that attempt to assist first generation, majority low income Hispanic students. These are colleges, universities, or systems/districts where total Hispanic enrollment constitutes a minimum of 25% of the total enrollment.

As of Fall 2016, 25% of the UCF student body identifies as Hispanic/Latino, placing UCF on the cusp of federal designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI).

The Department of Education’s Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Program (DHSI) assists higher education institutions in planning, developing and carrying out programs to improve and expand the institutions’ capacity to serve Hispanic students and other low-income students.


How can you and your department better serve Hispanic and Latinx students?

  • Complete the HSI Checklist
  • Attend an HSI Information Session
  • Add a translate button to departmental webpages


Learn more about UCF as an HSI:

UCF HSI Task Force

These members of the UCF community are a resource for students, faculty, and staff, and ensure UCF is ready to become an HSI.

To become a member of this task force or for more information, email Cyndia.Muniz@ucf.edu. To become a member of this task force or for more information, email Cyndia.Muniz@ucf.edu.

Upcoming HSI Information Sessions:


To better understand what an HSI is and how you can incorporate inclusive practices, join us for an informational session led by Dr. Cyndia Muñiz, president of the Latino Faculty and Staff Association and Assistant Director of UCF Multicultural Academic & Support Services. This session will provide a general overview of the Developing HSI Program, as well as explore the ways in which UCF faculty and staff members can help cultivate an inclusive HSI culture.

  • Check back for new dates soon!