The UCF Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is continuing the “BE YOU” Storytelling Project – the sharing of the life stories of our diverse students, faculty and staff in our semester newsletter, as well as at campus events. Every member of the UCF community brings their own life story and combination of identities and experiences to our campus, and UCF is the richer for it.

Our community members’ stories can bridge the gap of myth and misunderstanding that seem to separate us, by revealing our shared humanity and highlighting the unique path we take toward self-realization.

These stories will be featured in the print and electronic version of the newsletter and posted on our “News” page, a new addition coming soon to our website. Some of the stories will also be part of the UCF Diversity and Inclusion Wall in the Hitt Library for the month of October.

Tell your story and encourage your classmates and colleagues to contribute to a more inclusive UCF.


  • 500-word story of your experience or an important event impacting your life
  • One quote addressing the topic “What Respect Means to Me”
  • One high-resolution photo to accompany the story