On behalf of the Latino Faculty & Staff Association, join us as we host a webinar presented by the 2017 NASPA Region I Latinx/a/o Knowledge Community on Wednesday, August 2, 2017 from 12pm-1pm.  The webinar will be streamed in the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning Classroom located in Classroom Building 1 at the Orlando Campus.

Below is a description of the webinar:


Wednesday, August 2nd 12pm-1pm EST

This webinar will give everyone a foundation on where the terms Latinx, Latin@, and Latina/o come from. All participants will have a better sense of what these terms mean. Participants will also have an opportunity to dialogue with panelists through a facilitated discussion, to develop their perspective and hear from others. This is intended as an educational opportunity to build a foundation around these terms, in order to foster inclusivity within our community. Allies are welcome!


Please email Justin Andrade to RSVP.  This is a great opportunity to learn how to support our Latina/o/x students and campus community. Feel free to bring your lunch!


Mirror/Echo/Tilt visits UCF this October

You’re invited to the following performance of Mirror/Echo/Tilt on October 12, 2017 from 1:30-2:45pm in Classroom Building 1 room 212.

Please email Dr. M.C. Santana if you want to participate or if you plan to bring your class.
Mirror/Echo/Tilt is a project created in collaboration with people who are court-involved, formerly incarcerated, or otherwise affected by the criminal justice system. Through a curriculum based on visual storytelling, participants translate personal narratives into performance in order to replace a culturally embedded conception of criminality with new language so that the mind and body may think, feel, and move in a way not defined by their previous experience with incarceration. Our goal is to facilitate participants’ agency to tell their own stories and ultimately, reframe existing narratives defining the “criminal.”

This work is invested in reframing narratives around the criminal justice system with and for court-involved participants, but in order to effect change in this pressing arena, there is a need to undo the dominant story and language for everyone, regardless of one’s proximity to the system. As such, please join the artist in a public-participatory, performance workshop which will model the same curriculum.

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Corporate tables now open!

Join us at the 2017 Dr. Valarie Greene King Diversity Breakfast on October 16, 2017!

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SEED offers group professional development in explorative space

24 faculty and staff members gathered for one afternoon each month this past academic year for self-reflection, respectful group dialogues, and introspective approaches to difficult diversity and inclusion topics.

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Summer 2017 workshops are open!

Unity Star Summer 2017 Schedule


To register for these courses: Faculty, USPS, A&P register on MyUCF, OPS and students register by emailing with their name, UCFID, course title and date.

We’re looking forward to a great semester!

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Our next “Be You” Storyteller: Dr. Enrique del Barco


Join us February 28th at 12pm in UCF Global room 101ABC!

“When I joined UCF, I started my independent research project to explore how nature works at the nanoscale – a fascinating world that I have had the privilege and means to get involved with. But I also started to teach and to get in contact with students, and I quickly realized about the lack of diversity in STEM, particularly in some fields within (like Physics or Engineering). What really made me change my mind and dedicate some efforts into convincing underrepresented minorities to get involved in these amazing fields of study was the births of my son and daughter. I raised the following question in my mind: What if they want to become scientists? Do we have all in place to make this as easy for them as for other groups? When I looked around I did not see that. I still don’t see that, but we are trying to get there.”

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Hispanic Serving Institutions: An Introduction with Dr. Cyndia Muñiz

As of Fall 2016, 25% of the UCF student body identifies as Hispanic/Latino, placing UCF on the cusp of federal designation as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). This session will provide a general overview of the Developing HSI Program, as well as explore the ways in which UCF faculty and staff members can help cultivate an inclusive HSI culture.

Dr. Muñiz is the Assistant Director of MASS and President of LaFaSA here at UCF.

  • Tuesday, February 7 from 1-2pm in Global UCF room 101


For full flyer, click here.

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UCF Global: Focus on Immigration Q&A Sessions

UCF Global is organizing two Question & Answer Sessions with our immigration attorney on Feb. 10 from 10-11:30 am and from 12-1:30pm.  We are still working on the room reservation but the location will be posted to the “Focus on Immigration” webpage we created at  Please encourage students to attend.  Also, individuals can submit questions in advance to our attorneys at the link provided on the webpage.

We will continue to update the page as more information becomes available.

At this time we know that are students are worried about the implications these executive orders will have on them as well as leaked drafts of other executive orders that have yet to be signed.  We encourage staff to show their support for the international community however they feel most appropriate, lend an ear to listen, and also remind students of the free resources available to them at CAPS.

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LEP 2017-2018 Application is open!

Applications due Friday, March 17th. Apply now!

LEP Application

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