The Office of Diversity and Inclusion leads the university’s effort to become more inclusive and diverse through a number of initiatives: education and training; engaging events; annual celebrations such as October’s tradition of “Diversity Week” and March’s Women’s History Month; support of our Central Florida community activists; campaigns to promote Respect, cultural competency and professional development for students, staff and faculty; and research into inclusion topics.

UCF Diversity Week

UCF Diversity Week is a celebration of our diverse community and an opportunity to explore topics across the broad range of human identity, experience, and interaction. Diversity Week activities are intended to stimulate our campus and move us to a more inclusive culture. The Week typically is celebrated every October and starts with the Dr. Valarie Greene King Diversity Breakfast.


Every campus community member is encouraged to contribute to UCF’s celebration of our Diversity…Get Engaged!


Women's History Month

The UCF community of faculty, students, and staff are joining together to celebrate women’s history month and to highlight women’s achievements and challenges to gender equity. Join the celebration by attending events…Compete for the Poster of the month and see your work all over campus.


Events include International Women’s Day, Equal Pay Day and Month of the Woman student events.


Respect UCF

RESPECT UCF seeks to persuade the UCF community to engage with each other, recognizing and valuing each life as exceptional, in agreement or disagreement, in a manner that appreciates our distinctive experience and perspective as an opportunity to learn and to professionally achieve our highest potential, and contribute to and hold each other accountable for a culture that honors diversity, expects nondiscriminatory language, acknowledges the dignity of every individual, welcomes the opportunity to learn from and empower each other, recognizes that we are all a collection of identities and experiences rather than a living symbol of a singular stereotype.

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"Be You" Storytelling Project

Our community members’ stories can bridge the gap of myth and misunderstanding that seem to separate us, by revealing our shared humanity and highlighting the unique path we take toward self-realization.


Add your story to the Project…Attend Faculty Storytelling events.

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