Month: May 2021

ODI Call for Artists

Call for Artists: UCF Cultural Festival & Diversity Parade


The University of Central Florida will host its inaugural Cultural Festival & Diversity Parade
January 15-16, 2022.


To generate enthusiasm, we are seeking an artist to develop a toolbox of digital marketing
materials that can be used in a variety of ways to advertise the event. The art should creatively
reflect UCF’s commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion while also aligning with university branding.


In particular, we are seeking an eye-catching logo; a poster that can be adapted for print and digital sharing; and other supporting art at the artist’s discretion. The art will reflect the festival’s identity and will be printed and shared digitally in many forms (i.e. t-shirts, handouts, website, social media, etc).


There are no technical or sizing requirements with the exception of adherence to university
brand guidelines.


We strongly encourage submissions by current or former UCF students, faculty and staff,
however, submissions by members of the community also will be considered.


The deadline for submission is May 31, 2021


Submissions can be made:


Contact: Kavita Sawh or S. Kent Butler 



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