The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers students at the University of Central Florida the opportunity to enhance their diversity, people, and professional skills with options to participate.

  • Diversity trainings and workshops on various topics
  • Diversity Certificates that can be used for student’s future employment
  • Elite mentoring program, LEGACY, provides students with important leadership skills for their school career and their future

Legacy Leadership and Mentoring Program

Opening Ceremony 2015 091


The LEGACY Leadership and Mentoring Program supports the retention and graduation of all ethnic minority students who are sophomores, junior or seniors at the University of Central Florida.

The LEGACY Program is an mentorship program where students are paired with the amazing faculty and staff members, provided with professional development opportunities and  leadership positions in the LEGACY Executive Board.

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CREAR Futuros

“A Model for Latino College Success”

What is CREAR Futuros?

CREAR Futuros, which means “To Create Futures” in Spanish, is a peer-mentor based initiative designed to improve student success at targeted UCF colleges.

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