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LEGACY Program

The LEGACY Leadership and Mentoring Program supports the retention and graduation of ethnic minority students who are sophomores, junior or seniors at the University of Central Florida. LEGACY Scholars gain unique experiences by attending seminars, workshops, participating in networking events and socials, and engaging in community partnerships to enhance their personal and professional development. Scholars are also paired with mentors who assist their LEGACY protégés in acquiring the knowledge and skills to become effective students, purposeful leaders, and involved citizens. Although each relationship is different, all mentors work to keep their LEGACY scholar moving forward by smoothing out some of the rough places, cutting through some of the “red tape," and serving as comforters when tasks seem impossible. Mentoring and other program activities emphasize LEGACY's four Pillars of Success:

  • Identity Development
  • Leadership
  • Scholarship
  • Career Development

Please contact our office for application information.

LEGACY Student Handbook

LEGACY Mentor Handbook


LEGACY Program 2013, End of Year Celebration.
Live Oak Ballroom, Orlando, FL

LEGACY Program 2012, End of Year Celebration.
Live Oak Ballroom, Orlando, FL


LEGACY Connect 2012, Evans High School, Orlando, FL